Get A Hobby

Happy Valentines Day to all of you.  I'm so thankful for the comments, likes, and that you've chosen to follow along. ❤️❤️

I'm chosing to fast and cleanse today ... I KNOW ... silly me! I listened to a video on metabolism and this will be, at the least, three more blog posts, but the jist of her video was revving up your metabolism.  

  • Eat protein with every meal and snack
  • Strength training
  • Intermittent fasting  

I'm a firm believer in fasting and cleansing and like I said, this WILL be additional posts, but for me a fast day is more than "not eating" I take it easy for the day. I pass on my "big" walk and just stroll. I find something to do to take my mind off food. I keep a cuppa tea handy. Whenever I think I'm hungry, I change it up. I pray and meditate.  

So today, I fast and pray for the finalization of the adoption of our grandchild Moses, who is still in the Congo. You can read more about him here: Before and Africa. And I'm scrapbooking all day down at our trailer park clubhouse (away from food). 

Make it a great Valentines Day whether you fast or dine out, whether you're single or with your sweetheart, and whether you start a new hobby or pick up an old one.

Love is in the air!