Mobile Home Living

1. Keep it simple: Take out the clutter, have nothing you don't absolutely love and stop bringing things from the north. (preachin' to the choir, here)

2. Use what you have: Wicker cart becomes a outdoor movable bar

3. Lipstick and rouge: This mobile home was built in the 60's ... it has an updated kitchen, wood floors and new windows, but every thing else is paint and more paint!

4. Be friendly: We love our neighborhood and neighbors.  But ya gotta get out there and socialize. Smile and wave. Make a meal for someone. Meet up for coffee and happy hour. Stay positive. Be happy.

5. Remember When: Most of our decor is our reminiscing.  Family photos, a bunting made out of our old t-shirts, artwork from a vedor on the Sienne River in Paris, and most importantly ~ an open door policy for making new memories.  

6. Balance The Scale: Scale down. You're cookin' for two or less now. I love my mini-salad spinner and 32" TV is the new "big screen" Less is more.