A New Story


I have always loved stories.

When I was growing up my favorite hobby was reading. I would curl up on my bed or out on a blanket in the lawn and read for hours.

Today, I’m starting a new story…in a new place…in a new home…with a new attitude.

I’m letting go of my old story. The story that plays over in my head and messes with my heart. A story of old habits and mind games.

It’s been a crazy two months since I’ve updated this (and the personal) blog. We’ve helped welcome two new grandsons, sold and bought a house, and somehow filled everyday with cleaning, sorting, organizing, rocking, changing, eating, drinking, playing, and praying.

So, will the new story be different than the old? Not really, and totally. I’ve loved my story thus far. Most of it, anyway. There is some work to do. There are some habits to change. It will take me a tad longer to connect with old friends. There will be some new friends. There are churches, doctors, dentists, and coffee shops to find. There are walks to take, strollers to push, and bikes to ride. I’m determined to get healthy mind, body, and soul.

And so I begin, again.

A new story.