Moving Right Along


I was hoping to jump on here on September 1 and do my traditional "Happy New Year" post. (As a mom, I felt September 1 vs. January 1 was the first of the year) but instead, I went on a 15-day Monument Valley, Disneyland, Wedding, and National Park vacation.

We hiked almost 75 miles. We danced at a wedding. We saw glorious sunsets and quiet sunrises. We rode roller coasters and virtually soared across the world at Disneyland. We stayed at mostly Airbnb's and dined at "Mom & Pop" restaurants.  We drank in the indescribable scenery. And we slept on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I will eventually post photos but for now, enjoy this "Forrest Gump Point" photo from Monument Valley and let these "Three Little Words" guide your footsteps today.

Move right along when the negative thoughts overwhelm you.

Move right along out of the kitchen.

Move right along and link arms with family and friends.

Moving right along causes momentum. 

Move right along and you'll get to where you want to go.

Move right along there's so much to see.

Move right along, because the journey IS the destination. 

Moving right along into the next season.

Move right along and live your dreams.

Moving right along, until we meet again.