I Need Less


In keeping with my keep-these-three-little-words-front-and-center-today blog update guidelines, I will use "I" as my personal pronoun today instead of "you".

But you do need less, too.

Ok, let's use "we."

We need less in our lives. Less is more. 

I'm starting to shop and pack for our trip out west in less than a month. I do not want to buy or take one thing I don't use. I'm scouring Pinterest for packing ideas.

I'm mixin' and matching clothes to wear to a wedding, national parks, Disneyland, hiking, and swimming.

We'll be staying in Airbnb's, some mom and pop motels, and a teepee, so I'll need to have along my shakes, a coffee press, and minibar sized wines. 

Our itinerary is jam-packed, but I don't want to have to sit on my suitcase to get it shut.

So I've been obsessing over these three little words, not just with packing, but in a few other areas of my life. 

I need less empty calories.

I need less Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and TJMaxx.

I need less of me and more of others.

I need less busyness.

I need less fake and bad news.

I need less tchotchkes, and mind clutter.

I need less negativity.

I need less misunderstanding.

I need less information about celebrities.

Let these "three little words" stay in the forefront of your thinking today. 

What do you need less of?