Kid At Heart

Lessons learned from Lucy.

Finally got my granddaughter down for a nap after a wonderful morning of make-believe, playing house, singing, dancing and basically anything she asked me to do ... (Lucy says, "Grandma, you be her, and I'll be her" when she wants to play with Anna & Elsa).

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Get down on the floor and play.

Go outside. Everday.

Have a couple of animal crackers.

Plan a trip to Disney.

Watch Toy Story.

Donate to "Make A Wish"

Move like a toddler... I dare you to try this for 1 hour. Check with your doctor first.

Eat dinner like a picky child. 

Don't just 'get in' the a cannonball.

Build something out of legos.

Be a kid again.

You be her.