Rock 'N Roll

Life surely does not go always as expected. You can take that to the bank. 

We've had quite a January. We've been sick, we've been inside, we've been party planners, we've been taxi drivers, we've been Airbnb property managers and cleaning services, we've been iChatting, we've been walking, we've been eating healthy and taking names.

We've not been going to the pool or beach, we've not been reading or relaxing, we've not been sitting at the beach sipping margaritas. But we're hoping to fix that here shortly.

It's tempting to look at tickets to some of our favorites:. 

James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt coming this summer to Grand Rapids.

The Eagles with Vince Gill in Orlando this spring. 

I think we'll download some tunes or turn on Pandora... pour a nice glass of red ... and sit on the porch as much as we can for the month of February.