Meant To Be


Some things are meant to be. If that's true, then we must conclude, some things are not meant to be?

I met a delightful new friend, yesterday. I simply meandered down the road and noticed a gal out looking at a trailer for sale. I introduced myself and did a 30-second commercial on our trailer park. 

We talked for over an hour, exchanged numbers, and vowed to stay connected whether or not she buys in our park.

I believe our encounter was meant to be.

I read a study recently (can't remember where but I swear I'm not making this up) that went something like this;

It was a 20 year study on how long these groups of 60-80 year old people lived and the study compared the following components (there were more healthy living components but these were the key ones)

  • Never smoked
  • Exercised regularly
  • Ate well-balanced nutritious meals
  • Strongly connected with family & friends

You can guess where I'm going with this. The group that stayed STRONGLY connected with family and friends lived the longest.

I encourage you to find your "meant to be" moment(s) today. 

We were meant for community.

We were meant to be connected with others.

We were meant to be.