Now's The Time

Stay with me now. January 1 will be here before you know it, and everybody will jump on the “lose weight” bandwagon. And I mean EVERYBODY. Don’t be one of them. Do it now. Stay on course or get on track. Today is the day!

I was going to title this post, “Deck The Halls,” but I couldn’t really see us repeating those words all day or week long to help us get healthy. Besides, I’m positive most of us have already hauled out the holly and the halls have been decked for a few weeks, now.

Now’s NOT the time for Christmas decorating. That time has passed.

Now’s the time for making memories and cookies (to give away).

Now’s the time for cozy evenings, gathered ‘round the hearth with family and friends.

Now’s the time for planning and preparing healthy recipes and ways to get thru the season without overindulging.

There is coming a time when it’s too late to send out those Christmas packages (Dec 14 according to the USPS) and make that final Amazon order (Dec 17 for Standard shipping Prime according to Amazon)

This week, while doing what needs to be done…repeat these Three Little Words to yourself.

  • Now’s the time to stay on track.

  • Now’s the time to eat whole foods.

  • Now’s the time to start over.

  • Now’s the time to pass on the empty calories.

  • Now’s the time to make a festive dark green salad with some wine red cranberries.

  • Now’s the time to drink more water than wine.

  • Now’s the time to forgive yourself for eating that sugar cookie, having one too many adult drinks, and letting the conversation turn to politics. Ooooops, did I say that outloud?

Now’s the time.

Fast away the old year passes.