Enjoy The View


I just made the above photo my desktop photo. It’s my virtual view, because, even in Michigan, a white Christmas possibility keeps dwindling. We’re all on the slippery slope to Christmas Day and I’d like to challenge you to slow down and enjoy the view.

Maybe your view is Tuscany, maybe it’s another day of laundry, work deadlines, or overwhelm.

Find the good in every thing.

Don’t let the mundane take you down.

Take a look at your schedule and rearrange and readjust until you see some good.

Change your mindset to see the beauty in your view.

Think of others and brighten their day.

Look through old photos and reminisce.

Write a letter of encouragement to yourself.

Dream about future adventures.

Plate your dinner and change your screensaver.

Don’t let yesterday’s choices affect today’s possibilities.

Live intentionally. Make smart decisions. You can do this.

There is beauty everywhere, find yours today.