Figure It Out


Remember the vintage Atari video game called Pong? I was terrible at that game. I could never figure out where to position my rectangle to hit the dang circle.


Same goes with ping pong. Or as Grandpa calls it Table Tennis... did you know it's an olympic sport? If I could just figure out where that little white ball was going to go, I'd maybe ... on a good day ... be able to score against Grandpa!  

Today we'll watch the NHL All-Star game. It's being played at Amelie Arena in Tampa and we thought about it, but then we thought again. We'll have better seats at Palm Village.

Hockey is another sport where you have to figure out ahead of time where the puck is going and when to get there.

I am of the persuasion that one can lose weight on any program ... but you have to figure it out.  Some are harder than others. Some are healthier than others. Some are a mind game. Some are  spiritual. Some depend on community

Honestly, I believe you can lose weight abiding by "Three Little Words" hence my blog title. I've posted over 75 "Three Word" posts and yesterday, I realized I duplicated "Take A Break" so I changed it to "Rest And Relaxation" and then I realized I had already duplicated "R & R" earlier.  

I guess a day of rest is pretty important!  

Use today to figure it out. Plan and prepare for the week. Pinterest some healthy recipes for next Sunday (Super Bowl). Get your mind in the game.

You've got this.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is ... a great hockey player skates to where the puck is going to be!!" ~ Wayne Gretzy