Rest And Relaxation

It's "Choose Your Chair Day" at Grandmas Getting Healthy 🌴❄️

It's Saturday! We've made it through the week.

We've talked about, thought about it, talked about it, thought about it and talked about it some more.

Time to take a break.

Give it a rest.

Shut your mind off for a day. It's ok. I'm ok. You're ok. 

I mean, don't go crazy ... just relax in the work you've already done to get healthy. Mind, body, and soul.

Take in a movie and have the popcorn. 

Go out to dinner and share the dessert.

Put down the self-help book and pick up the novel.

Scroll instagram all day, if you want.

Create your own retreat and put some cream in your coffee.

Go for a walk or to the gym and strike up a conversation.

Get your R & R & R. Rest & Relaxation, & Retreat!