It's About Time

Time is a funny thing.

I wrote, a few posts back, about how the day starts and the day ends.

Every day. 

Every morning, the sun comes up and every evening it sets. It's comforting and frightening.

We do not have all the time in the world, but we do have today. But that is all we have. And we all have it.

I don't mean to get all morbid on you today, but it's about time to give some thought to how we spend our time, because that is how we spend our days, and therefore our lives.



It's about time to;

  • Dump the junk
  • Plan and prepare
  • Count the cost
  • Forgive and forget
  • Smile and wave
  • Meet a friend
  • Help someone out
  • Make that call
  • Hope for the best
  • Change a bad habit
  • Live your best life

2018 is almost 1/12th over. 

Time is a funny thing.