Speak The Truth

Let's be honest! 

What's your thorn in the flesh? Where is your achilles heel? What's your biggest downfall? Are you plateaued?

Mine is drinking water.* I know it. I admit it. I'm not proud of it. I try really hard. I fail. I try hard again.

I've got to be honest with myself. This morning, I read this article about getting stuck on a plateau, and here it is in a nutshell... but read it and honestly figure out where you are lacking. Speak truth to yourself.

1. Drinking enough water?

2. Going to the bathroom regularly?

3. Eating too many calories?

4. Eating enough calories?

5. Making smart food choices?

6. Sleep deprived or stressed out?

7. Cleansing/fasting?

8. Eating processed food?

9. Eating enough protein?

10. Exercising?

11. Following your plan?



Today I will tell myself the truth, and I'm going to literally measure and count out my (half my body weight in ounces) water intake. I can do this today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. 

I will tell myself no more lies.


Read the article here ... it's based on replacing two meals a day with protein shakes and intermittent fasting ... but it applies to any and all paths to weight loss and eating healthy.