When To Jump

I'll tell you when ...


No more ~ 

  • I'll start tomorrow
  • When I get my next paycheck
  • I'll start when they start
  • When I feel better
  • Monday

We are in double digits in January, folks.  

There is no more time to waste.

Today's the day.

Clear your schedule. Throw out the junk food. Peel some veggies. Order the shakes. 

It's time to jump. Right now.

Go for a walk to clear your head... Everything you read here at Grandmas Getting Healthy is to help you get healthy ... mind, body, and soul.  But we can only preach/teach here. You'll have to do the hard work. Decide to jump in today. No turning back. Do this for yourself and no one else or everybody else you care about.

Still not convinced? Read this gal's story and then jump.

It's time.