Help Yourself First

Sounds selfish doesn't it?

It's not.

When you get seated on the airplane and the flight attendants begin their spiel ... who do they say you should help first, with their oxygen masks? The elderly? Small children? Your seat partner?

They tell YOU to put your mask on FIRST.  You can't help others if you're passed out.

When our children were young, we had some friends who had serious struggles with their own adolescent children. Who doesn't? They were smart people who were involved in their church, their community, their business, and quite active socially. Often times they would come to us for advice on their wayward kiddos. Our strongest suggestion was put your blinders on to everything else except concentrating on getting thru the struggle with your family. Give up some social engagements. Get home from work earlier. Carve out time to discuss, lead, and lovingly discipline. Read some books. Get some help.

In other words, put your oxygen mask on yourself first, make your family a priority. Set boundaries and stick to them. 

The same applies for getting healthy. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

  • Set YOUR goals.
  • Change YOUR mindset.
  • Make YOUR boundaries.
  • Give YOURSELF a break.
  • Move YOUR feet.
  • Plan YOUR work.
  • Work YOUR plan.

 You can't help others if you're passed out or checked out of your own health journey.

Put YOUR blinders on and then put on YOUR oxygen mask. 

Help yourself first.