Break It Down

"The only one to notice that a pattern needs to be broken is you."  

Think about how, where, when, and why you eat?

  • HOW ~ Fast eater? Slow down ... put your fork down between each bite. Start a conversation. Remember, your body has to break down everything you feed it.
  • WHERE ~ Standing up? Sit down. Make it a goal to never put one bite of food in your mouth while standing. Set a nice table. Shut off the TV. Leave your phone alone.
  • WHEN ~ Stressed? Go for a walk. Take deep breaths. Side-step the drama. Read a book. Get out of the kitchen and as far from the frig as you can.
  • WHY ~ The answer here is simple ... because you're hungry. When you hear your stomach growl your body has finally started to work on the fat cells. Let it.

Pretty simple! Break your habits down, figure out the how, where, when, and why and create some new healthy habits. Your digestive system will thank you.

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. 

October is just around the corner.