Circle Of Life

Going to link you up today with just the most powerful message from Mark and Angel {Hack Life} ~ 10 Hard Things To Start Doing For Yourself!   Read to the end.

The week-end is ending and I am the best kind of tired there is. Overwhelmed emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have come to terms with leaving my childhood home for the 2nd time in my life. 

I've packed up two households and worked tirelessly for a month to get this place ready for the final auction. I sat lackluster, on a barstool,  Thursday, as the auction house moved the entire contents of this old house to the shed. As my childhood and now the last 7 years of my adult life was paraded past me, I was not fazed. I felt numb... almost jaded. 

As I watched my daughters come to bid on a few trinkets from their grandparents household, the tears finally spilled, as my youngest started bidding on my mom's china dishes.  {She got them and her and her sister are splitting the 18 piece place settings} Time to feel the feels.

We simply must acknowledge the circle of life. When this daughter was circling the globe, singing in more countries than I states I've visited, I never dreamed of her wanting a "good" set of china. It's funny how we outgrow certain stages of our lives, and then embrace places we never thought we'd be. 

It's time to start doing these 10 hard things for ourselves, from the above mentioned article. Accept your stage. Choose your hard. Pick your battles. Throw dinner parties. Camp in a pup tent. Hike in all the national parks. Go to grandparents day. See the city lights. Listen to the evening cicadas. Watch the sunset and rise.

Move. Move on. Move up. Move home.

... till we find our way,

on the path unwinding...