Life Is Waiting

Life is busy.

Dad and mom sold the farm.

They moved to town. 

We moved them.

We are moving.  

We are having an auction. Tomorrow.

There is no TV or Internet.

Two families, two trucks, hundreds of boxes. Priceless.

After packing and unpacking ... loading and unloading ... laughing and crying ... my mom texted me this right before the Cubs started last evening, "Do you have a radio?"

No, but I have Madame Alexander dolls, Dept 56 Snow Village villages,  our first Macintosh computer, artwork my kids made in elementary school, 25 years of Springhill Camps' brochures, all four high school year books,  thousands of photographs, and millions of memories.

So, choir members, the lesson for today is threefold:

1. All our junk was once money. Stop buying stuff.

2. These days will never come around again. Live, laugh, love.

3. Put the phone down. Look your loved ones in the eye and have a conversation.

Life is waiting.