After The Storm


We've been watching and waiting as Hurricane Irma has pummled islands in the Caribbean, Cuba, and Florida.

And today happens to be 9/11. {Happy birthday to Grandpa of Grandmas Getting Healthy}

Into everyone's life the storms will come. Some will be stronger and more devastating than others. But all storms have one thing in common ... they will come. Some will sneak up on you with no warning signals like 9/11.  But some will have 10 day warnings like Irma. 



Hunker Down

Shelter in Place

Assess the damage

Clean up

The storms will not always be mother nature related. Disease, death, depression can sneak up on you or come out of nowhere and change life in an instant. 

We can find ourselves wallowing in the aftermath. This is where our choice lies.

Storms can and most always are a wake-up call. 

Where do you find yourself in the above mentioned storm category? I'm in "Clean Up" mode. I've been working it out quite successfully for one year. Have I had and will you have set-backs? 

Yes! A resounding yes. Damn you Irma and KFC.

But the stress eating was my choice ... and today I choose to get back in clean-up mode.

What you do after the storm is essential to your success. Maybe you've evacuated (checked out), maybe you're hunkered down or sheltered in place (no movement or momentum) ... or maybe you're assessing the damage (resolving and researching a plan). 

The storm will eventually be over, what will you do ...

...after the storm?