I Am Becoming


Happy New Year.  Let's pretend that this is Jan 1 not Sept 1 (although, as a mom, I think Sep 1 will always feel like the new year.)

The holidays are over. There are just a few favorite decorations you haven't stowed away. The family is tucked in bed or their taillights are fading fast. You have a whole new grocery list, organizational items poised and ready to go. You've set your mind to new goals. 

Back to reality ~~~ It IS a fresh start today, but to make room for the new some of the old must go. Summer is over... maybe you did great with your "getting healthy" goals, maybe not so great.

More importantly who, do you want to become this fall? Where will you be by the real New Years Day?  

I have a couple of challenges for you today. 

1. Take a selfie, or better yet, have someone take your picture...I promise, you will be amazed at your progress by the end of this year. Or even by Oct 1... I'm going to take a photo of me on the first of every month this "year".  Join me. We'll have a New Year's eve party on August 31, 2018 and post all our photos! Hey that's a great idea ... maybe it will have to be a virtual party, but maybe not???

2. Repeat the three little words, "I am becoming..." to yourself all day.

Talk to yourself. Go a little bit faster or further on your walk and when you get back say to yourself:

  • I am becoming stronger. 

After a healthy dinner say to yourself:

  • I am becoming wiser.

Throw out some junk food and say to yourself:

  • I am becoming smarter.

Smile and show grace to everyone you meet and say to yourself:

  • I am becoming kinder.

Do NOT beat yourself up today. Speak only positive words and say to yourself:

  • I am becoming happier.

Make smart food choices all day (you can do this for one day and then tomorrow do the same thing) and say to yourself:

  • I am becoming healthier.

Consider today your new year. Start over. Keep going. Think before you talk (and eat) and then say to yourself:

  • I am becoming better.

Cheers to an awesome" rest of '17" and an even better "first half of '18"