Set The Stage

We are setting the stage to host a party at my childhood home. 

Just as with any event, there is work to be done. 

We, almost by accident, secured my mom and dad's favorite gospel group to come and sing a private concert for them. We've carved out a corner of the shed for the stage, and because we've hosted events here before we have some pretty fun props to decorate. 

The invitations went out, the cow print paper plates and red handkerchief napkins are ordered.

The stage is set.

Is our stage set? Are we ready to host our own "getting healthy" production?

What's in our frig? How about our pantry? More importantly, what do we say to our self every morning? At the end of the day, do our daily actions and words haunt or comfort? Who controls us? Who do we try to control?

As grandmas and grandpas, we're coming upon, or we are well into the third act. Time is running short. The shadows lengthen fast. 

Could we eat healthier? 

Can we plan and shop wiser? 

Should we speak kinder words? 

Do we carry regrets from Act I and II? 

Will we love bigger?

Time to set the stage. 

The End.