What's Your Why?

Maybe this 3-word title should read, "What's My Why?" Because I can't really write a blog post on "What's Your Why?" now, can I? This is key to everything.

So here is my "Why." I am getting healthy because of my "why". I write a blog because of my "why" I wake up and get out of bed each morning because of my "why". 

When I was a young girl, I read a book and listened to a record called "Buzz Bee".  Buzz and his friends were the worker bees.  They went to work each day collecting the honey and bringing it into the hive. But they always wondered about what it would be like to be the Queen Bee, instead of a worker.  So they sorta went on a bee strike. In the end, they were only happy when they were doing what they were designed to do. Work.  I can still hear the storyteller's voice as she spoke the ending conversation between Buzz and his cousin bee as they ended their strike and went back to work, 

 "You know what, Buzz?", we're HAPPY!

I believe we were designed to be happy and that is my "Why" for 'getting healthy'. 

I want to be happy in my own skin. I want to be happy in the everyday. I want to be a positive influence to everyone I meet. I want to enjoy each and every sunset each and every day, whether it be from small town, usa or from the Grand Teton Mountains. I want to be happy playing outside with my grandkids or recuperating in a hospital room. 

I must align my actions and open my heart to my"Why".

  • Will speaking positive words make me happy?
  • Will helping someone else make me happy?
  • Will a long walk make me happy?
  • Will connecting or reconnecting with someone on a deeper level make me happy? 
  • Will having that 2nd or 3rd piece of pizza make me happy?  
  • Will buying more stuff make me happy?
  • Will downsizing make me happy?
  • Will a trip around the world make me happy?
  • Will becoming Queen Bee make me happy? 

Wha't your why?