Make A 180

Am I stretching three little words with this title? So be it.

I have a theory that we are all too busy and we all have way too much stuff. 

Stuff can suffocate us. It can overwhelm us and derail us. 

Two challenges for you today. 

1. Stop buying stuff.

I've found a couple of websites and books which have helped me do some major house cleaning and decluttering.

Becoming Minimalist

No Sidebar

Present Over Perfect

Simplify Magazine

2. Stop eating added sugar. 

True confessions here. When our kids came to visit in Florida, someone (who shall remain nameless) bought a giant bag of peanut m & m's.  From Christmas thru spring break, I had cut desserts out of my life.  My after dinner drug of choice was fresh fruit with a dollop of greek yogurt.  

The first time I stuck my hand in the m & m bag, I must admit they tasted pretty good. On our trip home from Florida, a few handfuls of m & m's, while driving still helped take the edge off. But last night when I mindlessly helped grandpa finish off the 4 or 5th giant bag acquired since spring break ... those m & m's left a bad taste in my mouth.

Make a 180 with me.

For 30 days, don't buy any stuff, junk, tchotchkes, or clothes, that will eventually end up on a garage sale or at the goodwill. {I did put an Amazon link to Present Over Perfect, so if you do buy the book, read it and pass it along to a friend}

Cut out added sugar for 30 days. You'll be amazed at how good an apple with some natural peanut butter tastes.

Turn around. Turn all the way around and start heading in the opposite direction.