Today's The Day

Well, doggone it anyway, I wanted to get this up on May 1. 

Today will have to do. It's all good, tho, because today IS the day. It's all we got. There are so many quotes, songs, and meme's about yesterday and tomorrow ... one of my favorites is the song, "Gone Like Yesterday" 

Today's The Day. Don't waste it or wile it away. Make a "To Do" list and do something. Just for today (I know we can all do this for a day) think thru every food choice. You will pay the consequences of every decision. 

  • Live it
  • Smile
  • Be nice
  • Stay positive
  • Start over
  • Say I'm sorry
  • Speak up
  • Go for it
  • Give it all you got
  • Stop and smell the flowers

So let these three words resonate with you today, all day.

Mark it down and remember, May 3, 2017 ... the day you decided to _____________________

Today's the day.