Are You Ready?

Like I said in my last post, some two weeks ago, I've been doing some serious grandma-ing and just finished up 8 days of loving on the grandkids.  I scoured garage sales for trailer toys. I visited the library and checked out 20 books. I begged, borrowed, cleaned, and prepared for their  spring break arrival. 

I thought I was ready, but I'll admit, I'm dragging a bit ... and it's just so darn quiet. 😍 I didn't realize how much work it takes to feed, clothe, let their parents sleep in, and pour out all my love on two littles.  I gave it all I had and I feel like we made wonderful memories but, this morning, along with the tired, there is a huge lonely. 

Are you ready to get healthy? You may have already cleaned out the junk food, signed off on fast food, and planned for the right food. You may think you're ready, but it takes so much more than a few physical preparations. It takes hour by hour commitment to read the same library book over and over again. Every day involves the same ritual.... get up, get dressed, eat, read, play, pool, naps, beach, collect sea shells, and control screen time. There's no slacking off when it comes to making the grandkids happy and healthy ... why would you slack off on your own choices? 

I sincerely believe one has to come to a crossroads. A decision needs to be made. Yes or no. Be honest with yourself. 'Fess up and walk yourself thru the whole "getting healthy" mindset.

Yes, I'm ready means;

  • Yes, I'm ready for the financial commitment
  • Yes, I'm ready to plan, prep, and implement
  • Yes, I'm ready and I will carve out the time to exercise
  • Yes, I'm ready and even tho, I know I may fall, I will get right back up and carry on. 

No, I'm not ready, is where you would add all the excuses.  

  • No, I'm not ready ... at this time.
  • No, I'm not ready ... it costs too much.
  • No, I'm not ready ... it's too hard for me to exercise.
  • No, I'm not ready ... I've tried and failed before.

You can't say, "Yes, I'm ready" and then add the above excuses.

I've been talking with a few people about starting a 9-day or 30-day meal replacement plan.  After numerous conversations and persuasive discussions, I was convinced they were ready to jump in. That's just it ... I knew they were ready, but they did not.

Are you ready?