Encourage One Another

This will be a short one, because Grandpa and I are flippin' a trailer (not actually turning a trailer on it's side, but as in: buying a fixer upper for cheap and selling for profit ... hopefully soon)  We're cleaning and painting to beat the band (why is it hard for me to write without using cliches?) Maybe it really isn't a cliche, because I feel like I'm out in front of a huge marching band and they are fast approaching. 

If you know anyone that would like to winter/vacation in Florida, we have a

Trailer For Sale Or Rent 🎵 🎶 🎶🎵... more later.

I encourage you today to encourage someone else.

  • Build up someone who seems a bit down
  • Give out a compliment
  • Smile and be nice to a stranger
  • Make a call to just talk
  • Write a letter to an old friend
  • Ask someone about their children
  • Help an elderly person cross the street, load their groceries, or hold the door
  • E-mail, text, or facetime with a grandchild
  • Be an encourager, not a discourager

If you look for them, the opportunities to encourage someone will fall into your lap! Another cliche, But seriously, look around and go to work. 

I'd also like to encourage you to let me know how this blog can be more helpful to you. Leave me a comment, pass this website on to a friend. Like us at  Grandmas Getting Healthy Facebook page. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest

And lastly, I would encourage you to stick with your health goals. make a plan, read some archives, take the leap, and start the program. You can order anything from a canister of shakes (14 meals) to a complete 30-day program with a money back guarantee. You order the products and I become your coach.
"Put me in, I can throw strikes" ~ Little Big League

It's almost May, and you know what that means ... one last cliche for the day:  summer's just around the corner.