Respect The Process

7 days! What can you do in 7 days? Not much really. And yet, so much. 

In 7 days it will be May 1. A new beginning, of sorts. What if, for 7 days out, you decided to:

  • Go for a walk
  • Measure one serving on everything
  • Cut out sugar
  • Decide on a plan
  • Speak positive words only

I believe your life would and could change in 7 days. 

I love old things. In fact, I love old things so much, I just acquired a retro mobile home here in our park. It was scheduled for demolition with a brand new manufactured home to take it's place. So we, (grandpa and I) decided to buy it and go "fixer upper" on it.  We will stay in Florida a week longer than planned to give it some rouge and lipstick. We're gonna drink our protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, clean up and paint until it gets too hot, find a relaxing spot to have some dinner, and then do the same thing every day this week. I absolutely cannot wait to post photos of our transformation.

Give yourself a week. Just do something everyday. 

One Day or Day One.