Consistency Is Key

I've got a new logo and an updated website!  Took me all day and some major consulting  from my favorite content marketer, Melissa! If she said it once she said it 100 times: Consistency is key! 

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My Peach Mango should arrive today, so I'll let you know if it's my new favorite. 

My husband and I have owned six maybe seven cars in our married life, of which three were Volkswagens. My dream car is a retro VW bus that Grandpa and I could cruise around the country visiting National Park after National Park. We are almost to the point of needing to buy another car ... and we are leaning towards a VW {not a bus, yet though 😟}

This is not an advertisement for Volkswagen, nor is it a bash against American cars.  This is about consistency. When you find something that works for you ... you go with it.  Of course, we did the work that comes with maintaining a car, regular oil changes and maintenance.  We don't accelerate and brake hard. We drive the speed limit. Consistently. Consistency is key. 

How would you like to drop some weight, lose some inches, and feel more energized? I can guarandarntee that you will, if you follow a plan, cut back calories, and exercise. Consistently. Consistency is key.

Do it over and over again. Every day. The plan now is to exchange breakfast and lunch with a nutritious  meal replacement shake. Eat a sensible dinner, go for a walk, and do the same tomorrow.

And in the spirit of a good green eggs and ham rhyme;

Say!  I do LOVE me some peach mango shake.🍊🍑

I will drink a peach mango here,

I will drink a peach mango there,

I will drink a peach mango anywhere. 

I can travel and follow the plan.

I can have guests and follow the plan.

I can eat out and follow the plan.

I can follow the plan anywhere

I will drink my shake in Remington.

I will exercise in Bradenton.

I will follow my plan in Muskegon. 

I will walk (or drive a VW) anywhere, consistently. Consistency is key.