Watch The Sunset

I'll admit, once in a while, I take the struggle bus.  It's hard to stay consistent, plan, prep, implement, exercise, tend to others, AND stick with the plan to lose weight.

As you can tell, another two weeks have flown by since I last posted, and I've MAYBE walked twice, but I've watched  a dozen sunsets and about as many sunrises.

One morning, during our Palm Village Camp (guests at the trailer), I sat with my 1-year old grandaughter. She had awakened waaaaay to early, so when I got up, her mom tag teamed me and I was happy to watch the sunrise with this special little one. 

For one fleeting moment, I held this girl, and wondered how I could have so much love for someone I didn't even know 14 months ago. I will never forget the feel of her hand in mine and then her angst to get off my lap and get the day started. Just one tiny moment in time, but a huge reminder to live life to the full, each and every moment. 

Grandpa and I have some pretty big projects and commitments coming down the pike, (of course, I'll keep you posted) so I scoured the archives for this sunset photo. 


We only have so much time!   Soon "Earth Days", as we know them now, will be no more. I'd encourage you to set aside some sunset watching time. 

  • Recalibrate mind, body, and soul
  • Work hard, and add some fun
  • Forgive and try to forget
  • Think before you speak
  • Put the phone down
  • Watch the sunset
  • Be thankful
  • Pray