What's Your Story?

Here's the April calendar ... with kind of a 'beachy' theme.  Starting on Wed April 5 thru April 20 we'll be hosting our kids and grandkids for spring break. I will try to keep up here, but I'll be on serious Grandma duty for most of the month.  

Try to keep up 😉😉!

I do post  family pics on my Instagram, if you're interested. Follow here: Grandmas Getting Healthy 

Also, at the end of this post I will add the Jan/Feb/Mar calendars ... all with clickable links.

Try to keep up 😉😉

I go 60-40 most of the time.  Have you ever been on the expressway and encountered one of THOSE drivers. You pass them, because they seem to be going about 40.  In no time at all, they come flying by (hopefully on the left, but sometimes they're in the right lane before you have a chance to flip ...                      

... on your signal).  

You set your cruise at a respectful 72, and soon you're tailgating that same car and they are back down to 44 and 1/2 mph.

That was me when it came to losing weight. One day I'm all about it. Oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, veggies for am snack, and chicken the size of your palm, broccoli, and a small sweet potato for dinner. If needed, exactly 3 cups of air popped cardboard for pm snack.

The next day I'd drive 60+. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast, veggie snacks for snacks, sandwich for lunch, fish and chips for dinner. Notice a 'chip' recurring theme? I'd have 'one' serving of ice cream, followed by another 'one' serving of ice cream.  Both with hot fudge and peanuts.

Next day = feel guilty, drive 40. 

And so on and so forth.

This was my story, the day I led my first Weight Watchers meeting. I practiced it over and over again,  because my mentor said, "Soon you'll have to share your story."  She introduced me as a brand new leader on my 2nd day of training.  

I knew my story so well, I eventually became an area manager with a company car and traveled all over west and central Michigan. I also travelled to corporate conferences learning exchange plans, points plan, tracking and weigh-in protocol, all while driving 60-40 and thru the drive-thru.  My erratic driving eventually caught up with me and I had to start over again, sans the car and leadership position.

Then I did Atkins, South Beach, Nutripoints, Trim Healthy Mama, Grapefruit and Cabbage soup diets.

Try to keep up 😉😉

I finally set my cruise to Isagenix, but listen closely to a former 'been-there-done-thatter': You can and will lose weight on all of the above. Take control of your driving habits ...watch your speed, keep your eye on the road and stay focused. I stand by my 'three little words' blog and the title of the book, should I ever write one; "One Serving Equals" This plan (you can get started today, at this link) fits my lifestyle, my new simplistic approach to minimizing, and my favorite quote from my former weight watchers leader self:

"Everything you do to lose weight, you must be willing to do for the rest of your life." ~ Moi 

Now I drive a respectable, 65mph. (Literally and figuratively)

  • Shake for breakfast
  • Shake for lunch
  • Healthy 'one' serving snacks
  • Sensible dinner
  • Cleanse/fast once a week

This is my story, what's yours?

Jan PDF with clickable links  

Feb PDF with clickable links

Mar PDF with clickable links

Try to keep up 😉😉