If Not Now ... ?

Three little words. Which are usually followed by 'when' or 'why'.

Today's post will NOT give you the option of "If not now, when?" or "if not now, why?" ... besides that would be 4 words😉

There will always be an excuse if you add the 'when' or 'why' 


"I don't have enough time to plan meals, or exercise."

"After St. Patrick's Day."

"It's too expensive."

"As soon as I eat up what's in the frig." 


"When he/she starts."

Start or start over right now.

  • Do something.
  • Take a step.
  • Sign up for GgH newsletter. (below or on sidebar)
  • Download the March Calendar.  {I may edit the calendar and put "If Not Now... ?" on every day of March.} 
  • Go back and read here starting with "Three Little Words" blog;  Happy New Year 
  • Go to the market.
  • Throw away the junk. 
  • One serving equals.
  • Take a walk.

You gain momentum when you're  moving.