Walk This Way

No, this isn't about the Aerosmith song, although it's a great beat for my walking playlist.

There really is no excuse for not getting moving (find "Sit And Fit" on your cable if you have to) Next post is called "Set A Goal" and I may even post two today!!  We're losing days in March almost faster than I can type!

Music motivates me.  Back in the day, when I would strap on the 'ole radio walkman and  "God Blessed Texas" or "Boot Scootin' Boogie" came on WMUS, I felt like I'd won the walking lottery.   Although the Academy of Country Music didn't think so, I soon grew tired of Brooks and Dunn, and now if  my playlist shuffles to God Blessed Texas, I take a moment and reminisce about my old neighborhood and then hit "next".

So this year when I arrived in Florida, I found a couple of apps that would play songs to my cadence, but they weren't necessarily "my" kinda songs. Here's my 3 step Walking University Course.  I'm positive you'll ace the course, but if you have any questions feel ask away in comment box on sidebar or below.

1.  Grab your headphones and go for a walk.  If you walk 10 minutes away from your home, remember you have to walk 10 minutes to get back. Voilà, a 20 minute walk.  Find your pace and your style of music. When you get back from your walk go to this website , replay your favorite song and the one that made you step it up a bit and tap on any key to the beat of the music.  TapBPM will automatically give you your "beats per minute".   

  • 20 minute mile = a BPM of about 118.
  • 19 minute mile = a BPM of about 122 
  • 18 minute mile = a BPM of about 125
  • 17 minute mile = a BPM of about 130                                                                                                      

2.  Next go to JogFM Click on this link for JogFm's walking music and put in your BPM. You can then filter by hundreds of genres. Here's a screen shot of my pace and favorite style.

3. Another app that motivates me is Runkeeper. If we are fb friends we can add each other and then we can all see how we're doing and make motivational comments.  You can also show maps of your walks and take pictures along the way. I don't mean to rub in Florida, and soon I'll be back to my boring treadmill and county roads, but this is the pic I took while walking yesterday. (With a little help from Word Swag

Connect with me,  I don't believe we can have too much transparency while on our "getting healthy" journey.

Hope to see you on Runkeeper, or out and about in Remington, Bradenton, or Muskegon!

Let's walk this way together.