Set A Goal

Once upon a time, my little brother received a bow and arrow as a gift. He practiced on everything in sight, as my dad came alongside him and asked a pretty simple question, "What were you aiming for?" Without hesitation, my brother replied, "What did I hit?"

I could list all the major weight loss companies and diets that have ever been invented and 99% of them would say to include exercise into your regime. As it should be.

I set an exercise goal for myself, back in September, when I changed up my weight loss pathway.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I started by tuning into "Sit And Fit" in the mornings, and gradually began walking when we arrived in Florida (no excuses for my lackadaisical midwest exercise regime)

This year we arrived on 12-22-16 and will leave on 4-20-17. I determined to walk, three-wheel bike, or swim, for 100 out of those 120 days. Tomorrow, April 1, I will reach my goal! Whoo Hoo! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ†πŸ. 

 Don't be blasΓ© about your goals ...make them specific. 

  • Don't say, "I'm going to eat better." Set a goal to actually add something healthy to your meals this week, or delete something unhealthy. 
  • Don't  say, "I'm going to start exercising." Set a goal, measure your distance, and take the first step.
  • Don't say, "What did I hit?" Set your sight, pull back the arrow and give it your best shot!                     

Set a goal, and don't let the busyness of life distract you. If you're a hockey player, you don't dipsy doodle with the puck when you're in front of the opposing teams net. Keep your eye on the prize.

It's the end of the first quarter  ... are you reaching your goals? As I type, we're getting a much needed rain here in Florida.  Maybe it will be April 2nd or 3rd before I walk for the 100th day this snowbird season.  But rest assured, it will be before  April 20.