What's For Dinner?

This post may become a weekly series, along with "What's For Breakfast" and "What's For Lunch", but for now (while I'm replacing 2 meals a day with  protien shakes), I'm collecting and posting some 600ish calorie dinners on my Pinterest.  Follow GgH boards here.

It IS the question of the day, is it not? We (Grandpa-is-thinking-about-getting-healthy and I) raised three children in West Michigan. Grandpa worked at UPS so it fell on me to plan, shop, prepare, and serve dinner.  I'll come clean here ... I was not, nor am I now, a gourmet chef.  I like my recipes to have less than a 1/2 dozen ingredients and to read the instructions, I don't want to turn the recipe card over.

I rely heavily on the Three Magic Words for dinner. (Sign up for my e-mail list if you've forgotten them) And while I am a HUGE fan of my Isagenix shakes, I find myself looking forward to pouring a glass of wine and hitting up some new and fun recipes, at around Happy Healthy Hour. (formerly known as Happy Hour) Has anyone tried the new Fit Vine Wine?

I'm even expanding my ethnic cooking beyond tacos and delving into a bit of Italian and French cooking.  Mama mia!!! Oh la la!!!

Do you all wanna share some of your favorites with GgH? E-mail me links to your pinterest, recipes, or snap a quick photo of what's for dinner. 

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We're all in this together.