Out Of Mind

You are NOT what you eat!

We understand the planning and prepping and chopping and dicing, and thinking, and shaming and working and hoping which goes into losing weight.

But for a while, let's take our mind off food, and rest in all our plans and preparation. At least, until the first dorito commercial during Sunday's game.

You can bet those super players aren't doing all their work tomorrow.  They've planned and practiced all year for this. 

At this season in our life, Grandpa and I are doing a little wintering in Florida.  We (he) went to work everyday in the brown truck loaded with brown boxes.  He loaded, lifted, lugged, and unloaded 5 days and around 50 hours a week. So now we get to do a bit of r & r, setting our own schedule, and enjoying the repercussions of a job well spent. 

He didn't think about the job 24/7. The week-ends were pretty much free and clear to enjoy the family, sleep-in, read a book, watch a movie, ride a bike, plan a vacation, dream, or do nothing.

So don't think about weight loss 24/7. Put food out of your mind for a while today. Maybe go so far as to try a 24 hour fast.  Out of sight, out of mind. During a fast, everytime you feel hungry, practice getting your mind on something or someone else.  Go for a walk. Get out the brochures and start planning a vacation. Call a friend (but don't talk about food or weight loss) Meditate. Pray. Organize your closet. Give away your time to a good cause. Write to the grandkids. Make a photo album. 

I hope you have a restful and peaceful Saturday and a Super Sunday!