Time Marches On

My granddaughter is going to be 1 tomorrow, February 21. One.!!!  It seems like just yesterday we drove home from Florida to wait on her to get here. We paced the floor, played with her brother, and waited on those precious words to come thru on the phone. "She's here. Mama and Lucy are doing fine!"  And now tomorrow she celebrates her 1st birthday.   

I'm gonna be pretty transparent here. I cheat, on occasion.

Lately, I've had the serious munchies.  Every since we got down here to Florida, I've been killin' it. Did awesome on Super bowl Sunday, did semi-alright at Valentine's day Cheesecake Factory date,  and then on a plain ole Thursday I ate my weight in sweet potato chips and sugared pecans. 

What to do, what to do.

Get over it and get right back in the groove.  I've worked too hard to give up. I'm not gonna lose the weight without working at it. Although, it seems, I can gain a few back on a plain ole Thursday, without even thinking about it.

Let the past go. My munch fest was last Thursday. Over and gone. I kept walking, swimming, and three-wheelin'. I kept up appearances. I went back to drinking my shakes, fixing a healthy dinner. I snacked sensibly, (everyday but Thursday). Time waits for no one. 

Think about where you want to go. Think about where you'd like to be on Wednesday March 1.  How about Friday, March 31? Get started, or restart. Set S.M.A.R.T goals.






I'm going to fast and cleanse Tues & Wed. It's easier than you think...(e-mail me for more info). Monday and February will soon be gone. So even tho I'm retired and snow birding it's back to work for me.

 Peace out munch fests and plain ole Thursdays!  

Happy birthday little Miss Lucy. I hope to celebrate many more happy occasions with you.

Time marches on.