Break It Down

Start small.

Start today.


Here we are in February and I've got good news and bad news. First the bad news ... 1/12 of 2017 is gone. Boom! The good news is we have 11 more months to get it right. Good news on top of good news is, February is a short one. The shortest. 

It's been said, "It takes 21 days to form a habit." 21? 28? It's pretty close, let's use February to jump start one or two healthy habits. 

I'll refer to my 3-word book I've yet to write, "One serving equals"  Let's break this down. All this involves is reading the label on foods with a label and learning portion sizes on food without a label. Pretty simple ... read Grandmas Getting Healthy portion size hints here.

Plan out your meals. Make a sack lunch first thing in the morning. If you must, tear open the bag/box and load one serving into baggies. The key to this, and it could change your life or your February, at the least: Never eat standing up or watching a screen. Take your baggies, sack lunch, one-serving-equals-dinner to the table. Start up a conversation with your dinner mates. Put on some Pandora piano music. If you're alone, reflect on your day or dream about tomorrow, but always sitting at the table, with distractions at a minimum. Try this for 21/28 days.

I did find these on Amazon, and I'm super excited to start breaking the frig down, as soon as I return from my morning walk.  I love the color and simplicity of this (the measurements are printed on the lids) and I'm thinking of getting out my sharpie and writing motivational quotes on them... just 3 little words... 

"Are ya sure?"  

"Don't do it!"

"For dinner only"

"Eat your veggies"

"Good for you"

"Go sit down"

Green is 1 Cup, Purple is 1/2 Cup, all the way down to 2 Tablesoons for the tiny orange one!  Brilliant!

Green is 1 Cup, Purple is 1/2 Cup, all the way down to 2 Tablesoons for the tiny orange one!  Brilliant!

Speaking of walk, here's the 411 on that; If you walk 10 minutes away from your home or desk, you  have to walk back.  Voilà -  a 20 minute walk. Park further away. Take the stairs. Plank. Find "Sit and Fit" on your cable guide. 

Here's my last habit hint for 2-1-17. Take note because I'm not  keen on mentioning numbers, inches, or sizes here.  It's not called Grandmas getting skinny.  But if you haven't or didn't, at the first of the year; weigh yourself today (preferrably in the middle of the day, fully dressed) and take some measurements, then DO NOT do it again until March 1, or never.

You will be amazed at how you feel after practicing these one or two new habits for a little 'ole month.

So go for it in February. Just 28 short days. The typical average and safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per weak. Just between you and me, let's shoot for 10, we'll show February a thing or two. 

Break it down. 

Everyone wants to be at the top of the mountain.
Most want to be dropped off at the top.
Climb the mountain.
- Art Jonak