A Fresh Start

In my younger days, one of my favorite things was opening a brand new box of crayons. I still enjoy lots of color. I decorate with color. I instagram with color. I shop for colorful clothes and stock photos. I can't bring myself to accept an all-white-light Christmas tree. As an adult, I do believe that a box of crayons is my metaphor for a new beginning.

We're about to get our clean slate!

New Year's Day! 

Let's use these last 3 days of 2017 to ready ourselves for a new beginning. You know what they say? Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.  Well they don't really say that ... they say, Location. Location. Location. I'm changing it. Doesn't matter if you are facing snow or sun. What matters is, "Are you ready for your fresh start?"

  • Your goals won't set themselves. 
  • Your grocery list won't write itself. (Although there IS an app for that)
  • Your health won't get better on it's own.
  • Your dinner won't fix itself.
  • Your walk won't go without you.
  • Your recipes won't change without a plan.
  • Your 'before' picture won't become your 'after' pic without hard work and preparation.

Open your new box of crayons, smell the smells, feel the feels, and make your masterpiece.


Happy New You!