Life's A Dance


First off ... listen to this old-fashioned Christmas song ( while reading here.  My niece sent me this and said, "I thought you'd really like this song!"  Are you kidding me? I started listening and immediately time travelled to a small diner with a black and white checkered dance floor... I was jitterbugging with a soldier (it wasn't Grandpa, because 1. He didn't serve and 2. He doesn't like to dance.)

This post is about finishing strong. I still have a desire to learn to jitterbug ... and may just put that on my bucket list. No regrets.  

We're winding down the year. We've landed in sunny Florida and my 'to do' list consists of reading, writing, scrapbooking, walking, swimming, and getting healthier.  I think there's some wiggle room for ballroom dance lessons.

This week (between Christmas and New Year's) I will:

  • Set my course
  • Schedule my days
  • Plan and prepare
  • Follow my heart
  • Celebrate the victories
  • Speak the truth
  • Continue to learn
  • Live with intention 
  • Dance with abandon

You guessed it!  All "Three Little Words" coming your way in the new year.  

This is not a throw-away week. Get going, get moving, get planning, learn to jitterbug.

Life's a dance.