Ready Or Not

One of my mantra's is "The day will come and the day will come to an end."  When I used to photograph weddings, I'd meet with the bride and groom beforehand and literally beg them to embrace the day.  There is only so much planning and preparing one can do for a wedding.  Then comes my mantra ~ The day will come and the day will come to an end."

Grandpa and I have finished up family Christmas and he is getting a root canal, as I type. I'll head to my yearly mammogram and meet with my surgeon tomorrow morning. Thursday afternoon we'll get the car checked and some new shocks.  Friday am is my 4 year oncology appointment. We'll be in Florida by Christmas eve eve. 

Christmas Day will come and Christmas Day will come to an end. (I post more about this on my personal blog).

Then, in exactly a week from Christmas, the new year will roll in. January 1, 2018 will come and January 1 will meld into January 2, etc. etc.

The countdown is on. Whether you're ready or not, the wedding day will come, the new year will come, spring will come... so one may as well seize today. 

I'm hoping to have tons more time on my hands here shortly so we'll pick up Grandmas Getting Healthy Instagram feed = "Thirty Days Of Three Little Words.

Instead of waiting until Jan 1, join me and let's start getting healthy today. 

Ready or not.