Out To Eat?

8 ways to help you pontificate about portions and rethink your restaurant rituals.  Before I get into it let's talk about some phrases that typically describe our foodie fascination...  can you tell I like alliteration?

First off, let's don't confuse eating out with dining out. There's a big difference. Think about it.

And secondly  -  What's the first thing you think of when someone says "Wanna grab something to eat?" If the word arches or whopper come to mind it's time to make reservations at Dining Room U. 

1. Break The Chains

Step away from fast food chains.  My only exception is Chick Fil A's market salad or soup not in a bread bowl at Panera..

2. Location Location Location

Exit ramps are dangerous. Try an app that finds restaurants near you.  It might mean getting off of the beaten expressway, but therein lies the adventure.

3. ½ and ½

Order your meal and ask for ½ now and ½ of it in the carry-out box. Might cost you a couple bucks to split it, but you'll thank yourself later.

4. Splitsville

Share a meal.  Applebee’s 2 for $22 is a smart (littler portions) choice.

5. Nothing Is Free

Not even Red Robin’s bottomless fries. Better to hit up Olive Garden and the free salad refills

6. Stay home

At the least, cut back to once a week … if not twice a month.

7. Love The One You're With

Stop and smell the coffee/wine/aromas and enjoy the company you keep. Once again fast food is a culprit here - no one ever lingers at Chipolte, let alone Wendy's. Order a glass of wine and take some time to live, laugh, love. In France, it’s impolite to motion for  the waiter.

8. Spend More Eat Less

It’s a given… the more expensive the restaurant the smaller the servings.

Next time you head out, measure your motivation and make your dining out a meaningful occasion not a more-the-merrier ordeal. 

Check, please ...