Wake Up Call


Do you remember your mom coming into your room during your teen-age years and hearing, "It's time to wake up?"

Maybe you're now in the season of life, where you are entering the room and giving the wake up call. 

Remember when the hotel clerk would ask, as you were checking in, "Do you need a wake-up call?"

Maybe you've experienced a life-altering wake up call. Mine was breast cancer. In 2013 cancer marched into my room and shouted, "It's time to wake up." Did you know cancer loves fat cells! It's the truth.

On a beautiful Tuesday morning in September, 9/11 woke us all up, "It's time to seize the day!"

Are you still waiting for your wake-up call?  Don't.

Wake yourself up from dreamworld or la la land.

Wake up.

Come out of your reverie of the good old days and open your eyes today.

Right now. 

Make a decision to not sleep thru the rest of your life. Do what is yours to do for such a time as this. 

You might need to lose 5lbs and you may need to lose 50, but you will do neither if you're sleeping. 

It is a decision and it's yours to make.

Hello, from the front desk, this is your wake up call.