It Is Time



Think about it.  Time is really all we own. It is ours to do with what we want. We can't control it, but we can spend it however we choose.  Time is a personal thing ... no one gets that 25th hour in their day. How will you spend your time today?  This morning?  This afternoon?  This evening?  

Let these three little words soak in ... IT IS TIME ...


  • It is time we stop letting the past control our lives
  • It is time we cultivate new patterns of thinking
  • It is time we change our mindset
  • It is time we gain positive ground with our health decisions
  • It is time to let go
  • It is time ___________________________


  • It is time we start taking care of our one body
  • It is time to cut back on sugar, coffee, wine, soda, carbs, second helpings, fast food 
  • It is time to hit the exercise road
  • It is time we breathe deeper
  • It is time we rest
  • It is time____________________________


  • It is time we feed our soul the good stuff
  • It is time we set some boundaries
  • It is time we get ourselves into community
  • It is time to strengthen our belief
  • It is time we take the high road
  • It is time _____________________________

Fill in the blanks.