Day Of Rest

When one lives south in the winter months, one may or may not lose all track of: 

  • what day it is
  • what time of day it is
  • what month it is
  • what season it is

The work-a-day world has it's Mondays, Hump days, and TGIFridays, but Sunday has a whole different feel.  I believe it's a universal feel.

Take today to reflect and relax.  

When I was losing weight with Weight Watchers, my mentor told me, "one day a week, give yourself a sensible  break.  Don't go crazy ... just take a break from being too hard on yourself.

When I thought I was an interior designer (more on all the jobs I've had later) my mentor told me, "In every room, on every wall, the eye needs a place to rest."

Keep drinking water, lots and lots of water. Keep having one serving.  Walk leisurly and find some coffee or roses to smell.  Encourage yourself.  You've worked hard this week so take a break from some of the less urgent rules. When you have a day off of work you don't quit breathing.  So do the important things, but use some self control to give your mind, body, and soul a rest.

Slow down, sit down, limit your words and screen time. Read a book, play a quiet game, go to church, watch the sunset.

God even rested on the 7th day.