One Serving Equals

We want Grandmas Getting Healthy to be your go-to blog for motivation, inspiration, and fresh ideas for getting and staying healthy in your mind, body, and soul.  We want you to be reading here at the end of 2017, so we're going to hit weight loss topics hard for the rest of the month, because y'all know the old saying, "Strike while the iron's hot" (gonna have to google where that saying comes from, sounds kinda harsh.) So at the risk of repeating, how ya doin' with One Serving Equals?

Guidelines for restaurants and when you're out and about without your measuring cups.

  • Your fist is equal to about one cup or one medium fruit
  • Your fist can be used to determine ... cereal, pasta, rice, potato
  • Your palm (minus your fingers ... ouch) is equal to 3 ounces of meat or chicken
  • Your thumb (from the tip to first joint) is about a tablespoon or one ounce
  • Your whole thumb is about one serving of cheese
  • Your index finger from the tip to the first joint is about a teaspoon
  • A handful is between 1-3 oz. Use this for nuts, snacks, chips, crackers, but remember you can always count it out too ... 

Here's a trick for resturant eating ... order what you want but ask for the carry out box right as you place your order. Divide your meal in 1/2 as soon as you receive it ... Voilà ... Saturday's lunch! 

So the phrase "Strike While The Iron's Hot" = This adage alludes to the blacksmith's forge and was coined in the 1300's.  If you want to change your eating habits, think differently about something, become a more positive person or basically, work at the New Year's resolutions ... strike while the iron's hot ... you can remake and remold even steel and stubborness.


Perspective ~ L to R ~  lime, medium apple, large apple

Perspective ~ L to R ~  lime, medium apple, large apple