Let's Get Going

The speed limit in our mobile home park is 10 MPH.  I'm a freakin' speed nazi when someone goes by our place at 25 MPH.  You hardly have to have your foot on the gas pedal to go 10 MPH. 

But you are moving. This post is to help you get going.  If you can only do one thing right now do "One Serving Equals" Anybody know what one serving of ice cream is?  That's right ... 1/2 cup.  Do any of us know what a 1/2 cup of ice cream looks like?  Hardly worth it, I KNOW!  

So let's say you're way advanced beyond me and you've moved on to strawberries and greek yogurt for dessert.  Still ... you have to have one serving. Check the labels.  Have one serving, Count your chips out. Even if you have a 2nd helping, have one serving for the first helping and have one serving for the 2nd helping.  In case you can't do math, that's one cup of ice cream.  Do any of us REALLY know what one cup of ice cream looks like?

You can do it ... set yourself a goal for a one week. One serving equals. We can't all go fast.  But we can all go. Even if it's 10 MPH.