Just Keep Swimming

We raised our kids on Disney movies, channel, world, and kingdom. Their Dad (my mister and the grandpa behind GGH) would bring home a Disney movie almost every valentine's day for the three kiddos. Our original VHS collection sported almost every one, and by the time we moved to Pixar movies, well you can imagine the DVD/BlueRay collection. 

One of my all time favorites has to be Finding Nemo, released in 2003 ... we were almost an empty nest but the UPS man was still bringing home the latest releases.

In Finding Nemo, Nemo loses his parents and finds a friend in the scatterbrained, short term memory losing fish, Dory.  Nemo is thinking he'll never ever find his parents, but Dory encourages him.  "Just keep swimming"  When they meet the bad guys, Dory suggests strongly, "Just keep swimming" When they don't know which way to turn, again Dory breaks into her usual, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

How ya doing, as we wind down January? Are you progressing? Did you have some setbacks? Is the good feelin' gone? Are you still in this for the long haul? Are you having "one serving"? Are you moving? Are you drinking water? Are you staying the course or have you strayed the course? 

At one point, Nemo tells Dory, "I'm never gonna get that song outta my head!" 

Let me be your Dory today ... 

Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.