Stay The Course

Let's review.

Is your mind made up?  Are you having one serving? Are you contemplating a short cut? Are you taking a day of rest? Are you letting go of old habits and bitterness? Are you moving along? 

How are you doing?  Need some motivation? How about some soul food?

There's a verse in the New Testament, Luke 9:62 to be exact, and it says, "Anyone who puts his hand to the plough and then looks behind him is useless for the kingdom of God.”  It references a farmer and I speak from my days of driving a tractor in the 70's. Whether it was a disk, a plough, or a planter, once I set out down the field, I'd find something at the end of the row to fix my eyes on. Sometimes a tree, more often than not, a small fence post.  But once I got started (especially with the first swath thru) I couldn't take my eyes off the target tree/post. If I turned around I'd lose my focus or, at the least, make some pretty crooked rows. If I daydreamed, turned to tune the radio station, or waved to a friend on the county road, I'd always have a hard time finding my fence post again.

Staying the course is paramount to losing weight, restoring the soul, and renewing the mind. Sometimes it's a minute by minute mind game. Dig deep, practice, make strides, even if your fence post seems far away. 

Put your hand to the plough, don't look back and stay the course.  Remember, tomorrow you get a day of rest. 

God bless you.