Peace Of Mind

Our tagline at Grandmas Getting Healthy is "For the love of mind, body, and soul"  

Think about it for a minute. All three components in this amazing trifecta are interwoven and yet separate. Like an egg ... shell, yoke and the white part {hmmm why didn't the white of an egg get a name?}

One but three. Three in one. 

We've been posting alot about the body, so today, let's talk about the mind. It all comes down to, choices, does it not?  Your mind is where it all starts.  

You chose to get up and get dressed this morning.

You chose to read here.

You will choose what to have for lunch.

How do we choose to get in the right mind set for getting our minds, bodies, and souls healthy?

Talk to yourself. Say, "I can make it thru this day without a dessert."  "I can make it another hour, before I open the fridge." 

Think about it. When you think you're hungry, think, maybe I'm just thirsty. Choose to go for a walk or find a task to complete. Say to yourself, "If I'm still hungry when I get back from walk/finish task, I'll revisit eating." 

Prepare ahead.  Make the choices easier.    Prep lunch and dinner right after eating a healthy breakfast.  When I'm not having a shake for lunch I actually prepare a bag lunch like I'm going to school, work, or the beach.  When it's lunch time, it's so much easier NOT to make a bad choice.

Plan on it. We're going to eat. We have to eat. You plan a vacation, no? You plan out a budget, no? You plan on living a long healthy life? Plan healthy meals. You're going to eat. You have to eat.

Get serious with yourself. I've introduced the Isagenix program to a few people and I always say, "Make sure you're ready to commit." Don't join the gym, hoping it will help you make better choices. You really only have 3 choices here.

1. Don't join the gym.

2. Join the gym and don't go to the gym.

3. Join the gym and go to the gym.

Don't waste your time and money on a gym membership, or meal replacement drinks, until you've made the decision to get healthy.

Here's an idea.

Give yourself two days.  On the first day, go ahead and eat whatever you want. Give into the cravings. Knock yourself out, and at the end of that day see how you feel. The second day you will eat healthy meals and snacks, drink tons of water, and even go for a power walk. Compare how you felt at the end of each day.  I actually did this before starting with Isagenix on Sept 5 & 6, 2016.  It worked for me.

Make up your mind.